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      德國愛莎測試卡系列(一) Esser Test Charts

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      • 商品名稱:德國愛莎測試卡系列(一) Esser Test Charts
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       德國愛莎測試卡系列(一) Esser Test Charts


      no   designation

      Depth Of Modulation 0.5 / 5 MHz

      The T03 is designed for evaluating the uniformity of the modulation depth of TV cameras. Between the line raster rows two white bars of different lengths are arranged on a black background (upper part) resp. two black bars of different lengths are arranged on a white background (bottom part).


      ITE Radial Resolution Chart

      The TE94 ist designed for checking resolution over the whole picture area. It consists of nine sector stars of 90 (black and white) sectors each. Resolution measurement with TV lines is independent from TV standard.


      Multi Burst Test Chart (High-Class in Mega Cycle Chart)

      The TE99 is designed to measure frequency response of the modulation depth of electronic cameras. A line raster is arranged in the center of the test chart which produces frequencies of 0.5 to 10 MHz in the output of the TV camera. Bar rasters are located in the corners of the test chart and produce frequencies of 0.5 and 5 MHz.


      Multi Burst Test Chart 1-6 MHz (positive)

      The TE103 is designed for resolution measurements, mainly for visual tests. It consists of eight rows with each six fields of multiburst of frequencies (1-6 MHz). 


      Multi Burst Test Chart 1-6 MHz (negative)

      The TE104 is designed for resolution measurements, mainly for visual test. It consists of four rows with each six fields of multiburst of frequencies (1-6 MHz).

      TE107 16:9

      Multi Burst Test Chart (0-10 MHz)

      The TE107 is designed for checking the frequency response and the uniformity of modulation depth of electronic cameras. A line raster is arranged in the center of the test chart which produces frequencies of 0.5 to 10 MHz in the output of the TV camera.

      TE118 16:9

      HDTV Resolution Test Chart (100 - 600 c/ph)

      The TE118 is designed for checking the resolution characteristics of HDTV cameras. On a black background five fields with different line rasters and black and white reference fields are arranged. The line rasters are inclined in different angles.

      TE124 16:9

      HDTV Resolution Test Chart  (100 - 600 c/ph)

      The TE124 is designed for checking the resolution characteristics of HDTV cameras.The test chart with an aspect ratio of 16:9 shows nine blocks containing 42 resolution patterns each in the middle area. The corner fields have 20 resolution patterns.


      Multi Burst (Megacycle) Test Chart (0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 , 3 , 5, 6 MHz)

      The test chart is designed for measuring amplitude frequency response of the luminance channel, i.e. the amplitude of the output signal relative to a reference level as a function of frequency. On a gray background a multiburst with different frequencies is shown.


      USAF 1951 Target

      The TE136 is designed to do resolution measurements. It shows patterns - based on three black bars on white ground - in horizontal and in vertical direction.


      Foucault Frequency Test 25-steps 2-0.5 LP/mm (set of 2 patterns)

      The TE137 is designed to do resolution measurements in a range of 2-0.5 linepairs per millimeter. Foucault patterns with horizontal, vertical and both types of diagonal resolution bw-bars are located in a matrix structure of 5 x 5 pattern on two different chart sheets


      Line pairs per cm (1-28.5 LP/cm, set of 10 pcs.)

      The TE138 is designed to do resolution measurements. Pairs of lines with frequencies from 1-28.5 linepairs per centimeter are printed on a white background. The patterns are ordered clockwise in decreasing resolution on the chart.


      Cine Resolution Test Chart (size A280 modified design)

      The TE140 is used for evaluating the resolving power of a cine camera. It consists of several Siemens stars and resolution patterns.


      Cine Standard (set of 10 x 3 pattern) reprographic paper, selfadhesive

      The TE142 is designed for evaluating the resolution power of the film. It shows nine vertical and nine horizontal groups of line pairs. The gradation of these line pairs follows the factor √2.


      ISO Test pattern No. 1 (sheet with 20 pattern; DIN 19051)

      The TE143 is designed to check the readability of the reproductions of documents. In pattern number 84 the direction of the two lines inside the octagon must be recognized without problems for seven out of eight symbols.


      Camcorder Resolution Test Chart

      The TE144 was developed in a private German testing laboratory and serves particularly for evaluating the frequency response of consumer camcorders. The test chart is subdivided into 18 horizontal fields of bar patterns with different frequencies.


      Universal Scanner Chart with ISO pattern No. 2

      The TE149 is designed for assessment of the image quality of scanning devices. It is composed of five test arrays with ISO test pattern no. 2, horizontal and vertical mm measuring scales of 19 resp. 28 cm length, each two horizontal and vertical length marking of 120 mm and 5’’.


      Universal Rotative Scanner Chart with ISO pattern No. 2

      The test pattern is designed for assessment of the image quality of scanning devices. The test chart is composed of different patterns and grids.


      Frequency Response TC (1-8 MHz continuously)

      The TE152 is designed for checking the frequency response of a camera. The test chart shows line rasters over the whole image area ranging from 1 to 8 MHz.


      Radial Resolution Test Chart (IEC TC 84)

      The TE157 is designed for checking radial resolution of cameras. It shows a sector star with 180 sectors. One sector corresponds to an angel of 2° and has a black and a white beam.


      Sinusoidal Multi Burst Test Chart (IEC 61146)
      (0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 MHz)

      The TE159 is designed for measuring horizontal static resolution. It shows vertical bars, the density variation of which gives a sinusoidal video response.


      Electronic Still Picture Resolution Chart (ISO 12233)

      The TE170 chart is designed to measure resolution of still cameras. It contains resolution wedges up to 2000 lines per picture heigt. Furthermore it contains slanted edges for SFR measurements.

      TE176 16:9

      Resolution Test Chart (Depth of modulation IEC 61142)

      The TE176 is designed for measuring resolution of electronic cameras. The test chart consists of alternating black and white bars with sharp transition. Two groups of bars with video frequencies of 0.5 and 5 MHz are distributed over the picture area.


      Multi Burst TC 0.1-7.0 MHz in 0.1MHz steps

      The TE199 is designed for acurate resolution measurement. The chart consists of six rows with each ten fields of rectangular bursts.

      TE204 16:9

      Sinusoidal Multi Burst Test Chart (1-10 MHz)

      The TE204 is designed to measure resolution of cameras. It contains sinusoidal multiburst patterns from 0.5-10 MHz.

      TE224 16:9

      HDTV  Resolution Test Chart

      The TE224 is designed to measure and describe the frequency response of an electronic HDTV camera. The test chart consists of 50 multi burst fields, which are distributed over a 16:9 picture area. The fields are arranged in horizontal and vertical direction to measure resolution in both directions.

      TE225 16:9

      HDTV  Resolution Test Chart

      The TE225 is designed to measure and describe the frequency response of an electronic HDTV camera. The test chart consists of 32 multi burst fields, which are distributed over 16:9 picture area. The fields are arranged in horizontal and vertical direction to measure resolution in both directions.

      TE231 N 16:9
      HD Sweep Test Chart
      The TE231 is designed for checking the frequency response of HDTV cameras. The test chart shows line rasters over the whole image area ranging from 100 to 1200 lines.

      High Resolution Sector Star Test Chart

      The TE237 serves for checking resolution over the whole picture area. It consists of sector stars of 72 (black and white) sectors.

      TE239 16:9

      HDTV In Mega Cycle Test Chart

      The TE239 is designed for checking the frequency response of modulation depth and the uniformity of modulation depth of HDTV cameras. The test chart consists of multi burst fields, which are distributed over a 16:9 picture area.The fields are arranged in horizontal and vertical direction to measure resolution in both directions.


      IE Pattern Resolution

      The TE244 is designed to check aliasing behavior of digital cameras.


      IE Landolt Circle Resolution

      The TE245 is designed to make a visual resolution analysis of digital cameras. It contains Landolt circles in different sizes.

      TE248 16:9

      Distortion Grid

      The TE248 is designed to measure disortion of digital cameras. It contains a fine grid of black lines on white background.

      TE249 16:9

      Scale to measure macro capabilities

      The TE249 is designed to determine the macro capabilities of a camera-lens system.


      USAF resolution test chart 35 mm

      USAF resolution test chart on Film in 35mm . Useable for Scanner resolution up to 10000 ppi.


      CIPA Resolution Target

      The TE252 is designed to measure resolution of digital cameras. It is described in the CIPA standard.



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